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Monday, January 27, 2014

January 27, 2014 - Redwood City

Hola! What a great week! Just FYI to everyone...I'm going to ask my president if I can extend my mission. Apparently he "never" allows it...but it never hurts to try! Pray that he says yes!

Anyway, this week really was great. However, Enrique didn't end up getting baptized on his scheduled date (Saturday) because he got pulled over for driving without a license and has to do community service for the next 5 weekends. But we're having dinner with him tomorrow and he said he would pray about a new baptismal date and let us know when he'd like to be baptized. He's such a great guy! We taught him about baptisms for the dead and he just loved it. And then a few nights later we just stopped by his house because we were in the area and he was SO happy to see us. His friend, who is a pastor for a Christian church in the city, was also there and loved the message we shared (plan of salvation). Who doesn't love that message right? Anyway, his friend will be at dinner with us tomorrow and he asked Enrique to invite him to his baptism. Lots of seeds are being planted!

Some more good news is that Lourdes (the wife of Jose Luis) told us that she might want to be baptized before Jose Luis leaves for Mexico....and he leaves on Wednesday! It'd be a miracle if she goes through with it. We have dinner with them tonight so pray for her as well. I really hope she does go through with it this week because if not, she'll have to wait several months for Jose Luis to get back from Mexico. I told her that if she does end up getting baptized once he returns from Mexico (which will be long after I'm already home) that I would come back out to see it. We're still working with the rest of the family as well, but Lourdes is progressing the quickest. Which wasn't always the case but we're not complaining!

Last night we had one of the most spiritual contacting experiences. I've never been tracting (not allowed in our mission) but I think contacting is pretty similar. Just minus the door part. But anyway, sister baird noticed a girl who was sitting on a bench so we went over to ask her if we could share a message about Christ. Her face lit right up, she smiled and then started crying and asked if we would give her a hug. She was about my age and just really sweet. She didn't tell us what was going on but we promised her that the teachings of Christ can help her with whatever it is that she's going through. Although we only talked to her for a total of 5 minutes, she walked away looking SO happy and I have no doubt that she received an answer to a prayer. Hopefully a life changing one. Unfortunately she lives way outside of our mission so we probably won't hear from her again, but I know the missionaries who will teach her will do a good job.

This week I went on a half-day exchange with Hermana Santidrian who is from Spain and we spoke in Spanish 100% of the time aka it was the best day ever!! Her accent is slightly different but we communicated just fine. It really was so fun :) I realized how much I really love Spanish...maybe I'll do translating when I get home. She just got called to be a new STL and is really nervous about it...mainly because of the language barrier. But I gave her all of the advice that I could think of (which wasn't much!). But hopefully it helped.

So dad, you know how you told me to check our fire alarm? Sure enough it wasn't working when we checked it! And it wasn't even just a dead battery...but don't worry the apartment manager installed a new one so we're good to go!

Well I hope that everyone has and had a good week! I love you all and can't wait to hear from you!

Love, Hermana Billings

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