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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

August 13, 2013 - Gilroy

Hola! This week was really fast but really awesome! The San Jose Mission had 17 baptisms last week which was a new record. The average is usually 7-8 and 12-14 was the former "high". All of the missionaries and members are working so hard and it's great! Two of those baptisms were in our branch and it was a really spiritual baptismal service. It was for a newlywed (legally) couple named Maria and Salvador. Their 10 yr old daughter was baptized about a month ago but they weren't able to join her because of an "impossible" divorce that they were waiting for in Mexico. I thought that it was interesting that the divorce was able to go through after their daughter was baptized. I'm praying that a similar miracle will occur after Amber's son, Anthony, gets baptized this Saturday.
We are now on full bikes twice a week and I love it! I wish we could be on bikes every day but there are a lot of places and people that we need to visit that we can only get to with a car. We share 2 cars between 3 companionships. The elders have bikes 3 days a week and us and our roommates have bikes twice a week. Not a bad set up!
Our first full day on bikes started out with an amazing first lesson from a referral that a sister in our ward gave us. Her name is Jill and it was really one of the best first lessons I've every had on my mission. She wasn't able to schedule another apt until the end of August but pray for her! She seems very prepared.
On our way home from the apt we got chased by the scariest pitbull!!! We turned a corner and this dog started running AT us so I slammed on my breaks (don't ask me why) and I screamed the highest pitch scream that's ever come out of my mouth. It kept running at me so I decided to try and out run it on my bike and I pedaled right towards it (I also don't know why). I think it got scared though because it didn't try and do anything to me so I pedaled away as fast as I could and when I turned around to see where the dog was it was chasing Sister Champlin. She had the biggest look of terror and her face that it made me laugh. It didn't take long for the dog to get tired but Sister Champlin got mad at me for leaving know what they say about just needing to be faster than your friend when getting chased by a bear? It applies to pitbulls too.
On Thursday one of our less actives got married to someone that she met online....they officially met each other TWO days before the wedding. It was the most awkward wedding that I've ever seen. Good news is he's taking the lesson from the missionaries.
Apparently I don't have much to update as far as investigators go but I feel like I have a lot of stories to tell....We had lobster for dinner at a members house and it was the most horrific experience ever. The lobster actually tasted pretty good...but getting the meat out was honestly traumatizing. I don't know if anyone has ever had lobster before but we had to pull the legs off and then cut into this animal. After I almost started crying from pulling the legs off the member told me to "just cut it's belly. It's just like dissecting a frog in science class" as if that would make me feel more comfortable. I never ended up being able to cut into the belly so she had to do it for me. Worst. Dinner. Experience. EVER. But again, the lobster actually didn't taste that bad. I just never ever ever want to do that again.
Okay real quick...we got 5 new investigators this week! And it was about time. We have definitely been praying for new people to teach and find. It helps that our ward and branch are really trying to be involved. Anthony will be baptized on Saturday and Jocelyn set a new date for the 25th. Amber has been coming to church and has been a lot more involved with some members of the ward. Will hasn't wanted to meet with us lately but we'll keep trying. Once we learn more about our 5 new investigators I'll update you!
Thanks for everything...especially the birthday wishes! I love you all!!
Love, Sister Billings

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