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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

May 7, 2013 - Gilroy

I think I only look at/pay attention to the date on the days that I email so that I can type it into the subject box and my heart always skips a beat and I can never believe how fast the time flies!! May 7th already?? What in the world. Okay....first things first. It's almost Mother's Day!! I'm so excited to talk to everyone!!! We don't have time to do it on Sunday because we have church until 4 and the despidida at 6. So how does Saturday at 2 (CA time) work for everyone?? I'll have a member call you guys and figure it out if that doesn't work. But hopefully it does. Dad I took note of your email address for the google hangout. for mine. I think it's the same one we used during Christmas.
I'm going to start with a few food stories for this week....story #1 I bit into a pepper (not the spicy ones...they're small sweet ones) and saw an ALIVE beetle starring back at me!!! It reminded me of when Andrea got a beetle stuck to her hair in the swimming pool. My reaction wasn't quite the same as hers though. Although it was similar. I am officially never biting into a pepper again without breaking it open first.
story #2 Last night we were fed lengua...cows tongue. And I threw it all up. Twice while we were still at the members house and a final time at 4 in the morning. I woke up from my dream about cows with their tongues hanging out. I will never eat that again if I can help it! I was trying to mix it with the rice and beans and tortillas but hermana alvarez called me out and said to try it by itself or else I wouldn't be able to taste it. So everyone stared at me until I took a bite of just the lengua.
story #3 This is the only good food story....we didn't have a dinner appointment so we had fro yo for dinner! :) That's what happens when the missionaries don't get fed.
Okay that's it for food stories. Remember how we had a lot of investigator lessons last week? President told us that it was a record for the mission. I thought he was going to lecture us about the importance of balance with our lessons so I was really surprised and happy to hear him say that. He said he never expected the record to come from a white washed area. BUT we all know that numbers or records are not what's important. It's the people behind those lessons that matter. And that's honestly how it happened...we prayed about who needed our message and we were always led to non-members. In the past our focus would be "who can we visit to get a lesson" and we would usually be led to an active members house where we could be guaranteed a lesson.  
Remember Anthony? He reminds me SO much of Joseph Smith. If I had a hard time believe that a 14 year old boy would be able to do what he did I would no longer doubt it after meeting Anthony. In fact, now i relize why a 14 yr old boy is the perfect canidate for restoring the gospel.   During one of our lessons we asked him if he had been praying and reading the book of mormon. He said yes and then we asked if he had prayed about baptism yet and he said "Actually I haven't talked to Him about that yet". He really understands that prayer is a form of communication between us and Heavenly Father. He made it sound so simple. He helped me remember that we can talk to God just as we talk to anybody else.
There was actually quite a bit of drama with Anthony. "Luckily" everything is fine now. We invited him LAST minute to go hiking with the YM the next morning. Someone brought him over a permission slip at 1030 and they left the next morning at 630. Long story short 3 boys had to go to the hospital and there wasn't cell phone service so anthony's mom was freaking out about the fact that it was 9oclock and he wasn't home yet. We knew there had been an accident but we weren't sure if Anthony was one of the ones involved. They finally got cell service at about 10 and we found out that anthony did not get hurt but he didn't get home until after midnight. His parents were not very happy at ALL and said that we couldn't visit him ever again. THe branch president went over and talked to her last night though to apologize and she said it would be okay if we still visited him but if there is a church activity she'll have to "think about it". The cool thing about the hike was that Anthony had told us he wanted to come to church on fast Sunday so that he could hear peoples testimonies about baptism but he wasn't going to be able to come to church. We mentioned that to the YM leader so during their lunch break they had 3 recent converts of about the same age as Anthony bear their testimonies about their baptism. How cool is that???
I wanted to mention some other things but my time is up so I'll just have to wait until Saturday.  Can't wait to see everyone!! Love you all :)
Love, Hermana Billings

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