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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

April 17, 2013 - Gilroy

Hola family! I have less time than usual because it's not p-day. We tried to use the computers yesterday (Tues) since the library isn't open on Monday but the internet was down. As were ALL of the phones in Gilroy for a whole day. We could text...but not make or recieve phone calls. It was weird. And definitely not mission friendly.
To be quick...we have a baptismal date for an 11 yeard old named Brisa. She's super smart and has been through way more than most adults. Her family is less active at the moment but they are supporting her decion to be baptized and they all came to church on Sunday. We're hoping that her baptism will be a re-activation as well. Brisa loved primary and her teachers told us that she did really well. Keep her in your prayers!!! I wish I had more time to talk about the other families and people we are teaching but I will try to include more of them next week. It sounds like we'll be making a trip up to Livermore soon for some baptisms of some of my old investigators!!! Not Blanca though :) Sister Wallace said they haven't been meeting with her very often and they haven't gone to church the last two sundays. I wrote her a letter on Monday though. I hope she keeps going strong!
Last week we got to go to the temple!!! The oakland temple is so beautiful inside. As are all the temples. It was such a great experience. The RS president from the english ward gave us a ride and bought us breakfast. I don't know what we'd do without the members helping out the missionaries all the time. Everyone is really excited about missionary work and they're giving us lots of things to do. Which is great!
We've been riding our awesome new bikes around everyone. We get to meet a lot of people that way and it's really effective. Last week we had 175 contacts without even trying. Crazy contact story of the week....we were talking to a lady outside of a house and we were just about to set up an appt with her when the house behing her caught on fire!! Literally. I'll send a picture but it was crazy! less than 5 minutes later the whole neighborhood was outside watching the fire dept put the fire out.
I got the backpack that mom sent. Thanks SOOOO much. It's been really useful. As well as the journal and journal pages.
I love you all and I wish I had more time to write but I'll talk to you next week. Mother's Day is coming up which means we get to skype soon :) :) :)
Love, Hermana Billings

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