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Monday, April 1, 2013

April 1, 2013 - Livermore

Well surprise surprise I'm getting transferred :( But the real surprise is that I'm going to be training!! I do not feel ready to be training a new missionary. At all. Especially white washing a new area...(extra prayers the next couples weeks will be needed). I'll find out tomorrow morning around 10 where I'll be transferred to and then Thursday morning I'll meet my trainee :)
This whole week has been soooo busy. More than usual. Sister Barker (roommate) had to get surgery on her hand so we had been driving back and forth to take her to the doctor and then we were in a threesome with Sister Fuimaono. So the three of us were covering four wards for a couple days and it was insane. On Thursday we had four dinners all back to back of eachother. But two of them were with investigators so it was well worth it.
Well another surprise that I experienced this week was getting proposed to. There's a first for everything right? I just didn't think that would be something I experienced for the first time while on my mission. Remember Luis? We hadn't seen or heard from him for awhile so we called him as we were about to head out. He said he had been thinking about baptism a lot and that he wanted to be baptized. I was SO excited.....until he asked me to marry him. I told him that it was very inappropriate (well that's what I would have said in English but since I didn't know how to say that in Spanish I just said "Hermano. Eso es muy muy mal" And then I told him what our purpose is as missionaries. I told him that if he still wanted to learn more he needed to call the Elders and he actually took it really well and said he would still like to learn more from them. Sister Wallace thought it was the funniest thing ever and could not stop laughing about it. And she still makes fun of me for it! I didn't find it very funny at the time...but I've been able to laugh about it since then.
We've been teaching a woman named Lupita -she's the one that got mad at me for implying that she should find a new job that allows her to come to church on sundays. She said I don't understand because I'm white and I have papers etc.) Anway, we've been teaching her ever since I got here. She has been meeting with the  missionaries for years and tells us every day that we go over there how much she wants to be baptized. She reads the book of mormon and bible with out fail EVERY single day.The reason why she isn't baptized is because she can't come to work on Sundays (work) and isn't married to her "husband". We've been trying to take baby steps with her but she won't even consider coming to church because she doesn't want to lose her job. Sister Wallace has wanted to drop her every since we've been companions but I just didn't have it in my heart and yesterday she came to church!! I was SO shocked to see her there. We hadn't even visited with her this week. She even made her very catholic husband come with her. It made my last day in the mocho branch so much better! It's always worth having hope in something that seems hopeless :)
After church I had the worst experience to date on my mission. We were walking outside the mexican tienda and a Jehovas Witness man came up and started talking to us. I know I shouldn't stereotype the religion with how this man was but if I were to never meet a jehovas witness again I would think that they are all horribly mean people like him. I decided that I always have to be a perfect example of how I want people to view the church. If I'm the only church member they every meet I better leave a good impression.  He immediately drove the spirit away and we tried leaving several times but he kept asking us if he could ask us questions. Then he told us that we were way too young to know what we were talking about and that we're too young to know the bible etc. Towards the end of the convo he asked us a question that neither of us really understood. We said sorry but we didn't understand what he was asking so he threw his hands in the air and said we shouldn't be preaching in spanish if we can't speak it and all this other horrible mean stuff. Maybe I shouldn't have said this, because I was angry, but I said "well I'm sorry that we're not perfect but neither are you sir" And then we left but he was still trying to get us to come back. I've never met anyone so mean in my life. And the thing that made me so mad is he was pretending to be nice. Uhhh I'm getting angry even thinking about it again!
Well I don't think I"ll have time to write anyone today because I need to finish packing. I'm sending lots of pictures in the next email.  I'll send home my new address in the next weeks email. Letters can be sent to the mission office too:
 3975 McLaughlin Ave Ste. A
San Jose, CA 95121
Andrea: HAPPY BIRTHDAY on Sunday!!!!!! I'll get something in the mail next week. But I hope you have an awesome birthday and I can't wait to hear all about it :)
Love you all mucho mucho!!
Hermana Billings

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