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Monday, March 31, 2014

March 31, 2014 - Redwood City

 Hello! When I first started looking back on this week to decide what to write it seemed pretty uneventful. Maybe that's because I'm comparing it to 2 baptisms from last week. But a lot of really good things happened this week too! Small things that w ill eventually turn into big things for, perhaps, future missionaries. 
Lourdes and Maria are both doing really well as new members of the church. They've both been invited by a nice family in the ward for FHE for tonight. It really makes a huge difference when the ward gets involved. We can't do everythign by ourselves! Especially things like FHE. Luckily this ward is extremely supportive of missionary work. Which is probably why it's the highest baptizing ward in the CSJM. 
This week the ward put on a movie night activity for recent converts and investigators. We watched The Testaments at the church on Friday night and passed out popcorn and nachos. Enrique, Jesus, Maria and family and Lourdes and family all came! It was a great turnout. We were talking to Enrique a few days before about the movie and I told him that he was going to cry. He laughed and rolled his eyes. He sat in front of us during the movie and sure enough I saw him crying at the end when Christ makes His visit to the America's. I didn't have the heart to make fun of him for it though...but maybe I will tomorrow at our appointment. Oh and speaking of our appoinment tomorrow, he's supposed to have a baptismal date picked out by then!
Before the movie night some of the English elders had a baptism so we invited Enrique and Jesus to come see it. Enrique had to work but Jesus came and he absolutely loved it! He leaned over to the member that was with us and said, "I think the next baptism will be mine!" Afterwards he couldn't stop talking about how amazing the baptism was. To me, it was honestly just another baptism. The spirit is always strong and I always enjoy baptisms but I'm sure I don't appreciate them as much as I should. Jesus on the other hand, seeing a baptism for the first time, was amazed. He just kept saying how wonderful it was. At one point he said, "It's so simple. I can't find anything wrong with it." Later, he was talking to the Spanish elders after the baptism and movie about how he really wants to be baptized now after seeing how it's done. One of the Elders told him that he should get baptized before I go home and Jesus agreed! Then I asked Jesus if he knew when I go home. He said no. So I told him that I go home in two weeks and his jaw dropped and he said, "Oi!" haha it was pretty funny. If he did get baptized before I leave I would be thrilled! But only if it's according to the Lord's will and timing. 
I can't believe that this week is already General Conference! Which means that we get to go to the temple! We'll be making the trip up to Oakland tomorrow. This last Saturday we got to watch the General Women's Conference and it was incredible! I loved seeing all of the 8 year olds there as well. What a great idea to include the younger generation. With all that they're being faced with at such a young age I think it's neccessary to start preparing them. Plus they brought the SWEETEST spirit to the meeting. 
Speaking of children, we helped in the primary this Sunday because they needed a piano player and the primary kids are just so innocent and cute! An older primary child was helping one of the younger children recite the 7th article of faith. The younger one would repeat what the older one was saying but when he said "We believe in the gift of tongues" the younger one looked at the older with the most disgusted look on his face and said, "TONGUES?!" Haha I can only imagine what went through the younger childs mind. Probably a gift box with tongues in it or something! 
Well that's about everything for this week. I hope everyone enjoys General Conference this weekend! I love you all and you're in my prayers!
Love, Hermana Billings

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