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Monday, March 31, 2014

Christmas Pictures 2013

Breakfast with Hermano Ruiz- better than a five star restaurant!
Camels at our zone Christmas breakfast....why not?

Melissa Burgueno's baptism
(Sister Bair came back from Livermore for the baptism)

Christmas at the Ruiz's 

Christmas morning with all my presents :)

A church right around the corner from our apartment put on the Christmas story. We helped with the costumes and set for about 2 months. It turned out great!

All of the missionaries that I've photo!
Me and my companion on Christmas eve at the mission wide breakfast

My Christmas present from Elder Peal

Perhaps the funniest picture of my entire mission! The elders were given this sled thing and somehow talked me into taking it for a ride around the library parking lot.
Elders, "hey sisters we have something we want to show you."
Sisters, "okay....what is it?"
Elders, "we'll only show you if you use it"
Sisters, "depends what it is...?"
Elder Perez to elder Barbosa, "see I told you they wouldn't do it"
Me, "I'll do it!"
Elders smile at their success and pull out a giant pinewood derby from their trunk
me, "umm I'm in a skirt"
Elders, "you'll be fine. we'll push you slowly"
And the picture says the rest....elder Barbosa is the one chasing me.
I only got a little scrape on my arm...but the picture of elder Barbosa sprinting after me was worth it!

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