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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

June 25, 2013 - Gilroy

Such an exciting week I don't even know where to start! Well on Thursday I got a training call to be a trainer again this next transfer!! I LOVE training so I was really excited but I was sad because that meant that I wouldn't get to work with Hermana Garcia-Gomez anymore. BUT then on Saturday (when we get transfer calls) she didn't get a transfer call. Turns out we're going to be in a trio! It's the best of both worlds.
 I also received the call to be a Sister Training Leader (STL). It's a new calling that the first presidency came up with to accomodate for all of the new sister missionaries. It is similar to a zone leader and our mission has a total of 4 STL's. I will be covering the South part of the mission from Morgan Hill and down. I will be going on exchanges twice a week with the Sisters in my area. It's going to be SO fun to get to know a lot of the sisters. President said that my main job is to make sure that the sisters are doing okay. I'm a little stressed about this calling but very excited for such a once in a lifetime opportunity. But I think the stressed part has been more pray for me???
On Saturday we went up to Livermore for the baptism of Graciela Soto. Our ward mission leader's wife drove us up even though she doesn't speak Spanish.  But  we met Graciela in the parking lot of the mexican tienda about a month before I left. She's not the graciela that we met at Mcdonalds or who's house we painted. The mcdonald's and paint graciela is Graciela Alvarez and I think she went back to Mexico. I haven't heard anything about her for awhile but I'll ask.
Anyway.....Graciela Soto's baptism was beautiful! She was so nervous before and SO happy after. As we were leaving she was talking to some members in the ward and then asked if she could get a picture with me before we left. Then she told the group, pointing to me, "She found me" It was the most beautiful sentence that I have EVER heard. Of course I remember going up and talking to her in the parking lot that day but I didn't think that she would remember that it was me. Especially because I wasn't the one teaching her for the past month as she prepared for her baptism. We're told to talk to EVERYONE that we come into contact with and now I know why.
I also got to see my favorite person in Livermore...Blanca! She hugged me for a good 5 minutes when she saw me. She's still been going to church faithfully but hasn't worked things out with the divroce/marriage for her baptism. Whenever that day is though, I'll be there. The sister that drove us up asked me if she (blanca) was the bishops wife and I told her that she was an investigator. She was shocked because of how outgoing and friendly she was being towards everyone. Which is crazy because Blanca was SO shy when she first started coming to church. Now she pretty much runs the show.
Whoever had the opportunity to see the missionary broadcast will agree when I say it was pretty amazing! The english ward that we're working in is very supportive with their member missionary work. If only we could figure out a way for the spanish branch to be involved as well. I think with the branch we have to strengthen the members before we can expect investigator's to be supported. Any ideas from someone who's worked in a branch before?
Last thing, so I sleep talk sometimes right? My companion said that I was sleep talking in Spanish! I didn't think that day would ever come. But honestly we haven't been speaking that much Spanish lately. It's about 50/50 now. We need more Spanish speakers to teach! Gilroy is FULL of them so they shouldn't be too hard to find.
Going along with my spanish sleep talking story...I had a dream that there was a spider on the bed above me (we have bunk beds) and I thought it was real so I jumped out of bed and turned on the light and woke sister gg up to kill it. Turned out that I was just dreaming.....sorry companion! I think she still loves me.
Dad- AWESOME letter this week. Thanks a billion. It took me a few days to read it because I didn't have time to read it all at once. It answered a million of the questions that I've been having and now I feel like I can finally concentrate on other, more important, stuff. Thanks again.
Well I hope everyone is doing well and I love you all!!
Con amor, Hermana Billings

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