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Monday, March 18, 2013

March 18, 2013

Good morning/afternoon!! Hope everyone had a happy st. patrick's day. Apparently it's not a holiday that the latinos celebrate. I tried to explain it to one of the members in the branch and then I realized that I'm not even sure why we celebrate it.
 We finally got to take our bikes out for the first time this week. It was a blast!!!! It's honestly almost as good as going out for a run. The only bad thing is when we get to our appointments we're usually all hot and sweaty. And of course my face is usually bright red. People keep telling me I need to use sun screen and they don't believe me when I say that it's just because I'm hot. So our first day on the bikes was Tuesday or Wednesday (I can't remember) and we had gone about 20 ft when I realized that riding a bike in a skirt is NOT easy. My skirt got caught in the back wheel about 7 times that day and it now has 3 huge burn holes in the back as well as black tire marks. Believe it or not I'll probably keep wearing it too! Also, that same day as we were riding home to get our car for the night a bird pooped on me! I felt something wet hit my leg so I looked down and sure enough...bird poop. I think I made a really good impression on the people walking down the street when I turned around and said "HERMANA! A BIRD JUST POOPED ON ME!" Now that I think about it, I'm not sure how much I love the bikes. No just kidding ....they're wonderful. We told President how much we loved them so he's going to get two more for our apartment (we live with 2 other sisters) so that we won't have to fight over them. I think having four bikes and two cars in our one apartment is a sign that the area might be spliting. Or something. But we'll see in 2 weeks I guess.
We had zone conference on Friday and president announced that the first presidency changed the email rules. We now have more time to email on p-days and we can email whoever we want. If we're emailing converts or someone of the opposite sex  living in mission boundaries we just have to get permission from president (ah-hem Matt).  So feel free to give people my email address!! I think I'll still write hand written letters when I have time or in response to those who still write me hand-written letters. But I think emails will save a ton of time.
Jessica I do have your new address and I found your letter this morning so I'll write you back today! I hadn't even read it until today!! Letters are like gold...I don't know how I lost it.
I can't believe Braden Hess is leaving for his mission. I feel way too old to be out here. Where is he going?
Andrea I got your pdf file and it is currently downloading. Hopefully it'll be done downloading so that I can look at a couple pages before my computer time is up. And I got your other letter. Probably the same day that you got mine. I told sister wallace that you lapped me in letter writting and she said "of course you would use a track reference for something like that" I'll write you back today but I won't send it until you comment on my last letter.
I'm already out of stuff to say. I guess this week wasn't very exciting! The only thing that I can remember is one of the lesson we had with Blanca and her husband marco. We had a member over (which means the member talks for an hour about everything and anything gospel related...usually starting with tithing or the word of wisdom. Just get it all out in the open is their philosophy I think) and he said that even if they have doubts that it's normal and they're making the best decision etc. and then Blanca cut him off and said "I don't have any doubts" and then she bore her testimony and it was amazing.
Oh I forgot...we started working with the YSA in Livermore this week. It was a BLAST. I already really enjoy working with them. We met with the YSA coordinators and I just realized how much help the spanish branch needs. THey're seriously barely staying alive. It was like a breath of fresh air to talk to some of the leaders in the YSA ward. They have so many resources and everyone is so eager and able to help. We've been reallly discouraged with the branch. And now I think even more so. But the branch has the potential to become a properly functioning ward as well. As a spanish speaking missionary I have a feeling that I won't get the opportunity to work with YSA again. So I hope it lasts for a least another transfer. Keeping my fingers crossed!!
Well that's it for the week. Feel free to email me and I"ll actually have time to email back!! Have a good week and I love you all :)
Love, Hermana Billings

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