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Monday, March 11, 2013

March 11, 2013

I saw and ran a track today for the FIRST time in SIX months! It was absolutely wonderful!!! But it made me miss track a lot. Speaking of or mom will you email or mail me the news of how the WSU track team did with indoor conference? And other meets throughout the season if you can find them. They'll probably have stuff on the website. Thanks so much!
Okay now about the important stuff....We went to the temple with Blanca and her husband on Friday and it was perfect. Blanca got dressed up in her nicest dress. Her husband has only listened in on a couple lessons. Random ones too. I think he was there when we taught tithing and part of the plan of salvation. But at the temple we watched the Joseph Smith movie and afterwards he couldn't stop talking about it. He told us how he had helped build one of the catholic churches when he was young in Mexico and he liked how everyone helped with the temples. He also told us that he knows Joseph Smith was a prophet and that he wants to be baptized with his wife!! It was so unexpected. We haven't set a date yet because we are still trying to figure out their divorce/marriages. They both came to church on Sunday too. Dad wrote me a letter right after we found out that Blanca couldn't get baptized and he said that maybe it was a blessing in disguise so that her whole family could accept the gospel too and I thought "ya right" because they hadn't shown ANY interest at that point. But this really will be such a good step for them to make together. They were both so happy after the temple and so were we.
We're still slowly progressing with Ana and her family. They didn't come to church on Sunday though...and they promised us they would. They go to Catholic mass every Saturday, and the kids don't like it so I think it's hard for them to want to sit through 3 more hours of church the next day. But they both know they're going to be baptized. We invited some members of the ward to come visit them with us one night and they asked Ana what made them open the door to the missionaries and Ana explained the "coincidence" of how we met and then said "opening the door to these missionaries was opening the door to christ". She said there was one week that we didn't go visit them at all and she told her husband that she really wanted us to come over. He told her to call us, so she did and we came over the very next day. I was happy to hear that because I sometimes feel like we're intruding. But then I remember that their salvation is at stake.....and that makes me feel less annoying.
Every week our goal is to contact 150 people with some sort of pass-along card or invitation etc. and one day, as we were waiting for our car to get an oil change, we contacted a lady sitting on top of a small hill. We gave her a card to receive a free book of mormon and then as we turned to leave sister Wallace tripped on something...not really sure what happened....but she fell over and rolled all the way down the hill to the side walk. It was  a small hill...but still. I think we left a really good impression on her.
I think I'm almost caught up with my letter writting so hopefully I'll get back to everyone. The weather here has been AWESOME! Is there still snow there? I think I got sunburned today at the track. By the way, I got pulled over for speeding yesterday. First time in my life! Definitely learned my lesson. The officer was so nice though and didn't even check my liscense, registration or insurance. Then I tried to shake his hand....apparently officers aren't allowed to do that.
I hope everyone is doing well and I can't wait to hear from you! Have a good week :)
Love, Hermana Billings

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