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Monday, December 30, 2013

December 30, 2013 - Redwood City

It was so good to see you all on Wednesday! I hope everyone had a great Christmas! I'm sad that my last Christmas as a missionary is already over :( But it was a good one. Our zone got together to do some caroling and a gift exchange. The elder that drew my name got me pink duck footie pjs. Think Christmas story but ducks instead of a bunny. I wore them to bed Christmas night but I think that was probably the last time. I'll send a picture home if you don't put it on my blog!
On Saturday we had Melissa's baptism and it went really well. It wasn't the most spiritual program though....her friend wanted to do a musical number and ended up laughing throughout the whole thing. Melissa invited her dad and a few friends (all of which aren't members). She's now talking about doing a mini mission and preparing to receive her patriarchal blessing. The gospel is just so amazing and it really does change people. As a missionary, I just have the front row seat to watching the atonement take place in other peoples lives.
Remember on The best two years how the elder makes his greenie companion contact the bishops daughter and invite her to church? Well on Sunday, we had a similar experience. We were doing our weekly planning in our apartment (which takes several hours) and both of us had sweat pants on. Our apartment is right above a sidewalk in the middle of the city so we always see lots of people walking by. For some reason, one man walking by caught my attention. I watched him for a while and then he just stopped walking right in the middle of the sidewalk and stood still for a good 30 seconds. I pointed him out to my companion and he was still standing motionless. After about a minute he started walking again and started picking up all of the trash on the sidewalk. I told my companion that he was special and he needed to hear the gospel. She surprised me when she said, "ok! let's go!" We both frantically put on a skirt, grabbed a book of Mormon, and bolted down the stairs of our apartment. When we came outside we saw him waiting to cross the street so as calmly as we could we walked up to him and offered him the book of Mormon. He said, "Oh hi sisters! I'm actually already a member. My dad is Obispo ord!" (Obispo ord is our bishop). ooops....but we gave him the book of Mormon anyway and told him to give it someone he meets that day. Who knows, maybe he ended up giving it to someone who really needed it that day.
Anyway, I guess sometimes we don't know why we receive certain spiritual impressions. But when we receive a prompting and don't act on it, we'll ALWAYS wonder what would have happened had we acted on it. Plus, he never needs to know that we sprinted out of our apartment complex just to offer him the book of Mormon.
Last night we had another good lesson with Jose Luis' family. They're all so prepared it's incredible! You know someone's prepared when the investigators are talking the other investigators into the truth. I wouldn't be surprised if his entire family are our next baptisms.
Well, I think we already talked about everything else on Christmas! Happy new year! I love you all!
Love, Sister Billings

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