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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

July 9, 2013 - Gilroy

Happy 4th of July!!! (I don't remember if I said that last week). We learned this week that the 4th of July isn't exactly missionary friendly. We tried so hard all day to find people to teach but no one was home. Literally. But we did go to our ward BBQ and it was such a blast. There were several of our investigators there as well so it was a great activity! We had to be in at nine so we didn't get to see any fireworks :( I was really sad sitting in our room hearing them outside just knowing that we couldn't go outside and see them. But I'll just appreciate them even more next year!
Before I talk about all of our investigators I have to tell you what we ate for dinner one night this week.....Cucumbers and shrimp in ketchup and water. It was a chilled type of soup thing. Possibly the worst thing I've had to eat my entire mission! Including the cow tongue! But luckily, that same night, President took our zone out to dinner at a really yummy Mexican restaurant. (I still can't believe I like Mexican food).
Okay so our investigators are doing really well for the most part. Amber is in the same boat and her son is still excited about his baptism in August. Will told us that he didn't want to see us anymore so we went over to talk to him and it turns out that we were just going too quick for him. Once we established our purpose and cleared up a few things he asked if we could keep coming. We told him that of course we could! And then he said, almost in tears, "Thanks for giving me another chance".  He told us that he's been praying about what to do and his answer was "Don't let those Sisters out of your life".
We have a new investigator named Madison (15yrs) who is at girls camp this week. We met her niece, Ivory (who is 14 so they're pretty much sisters) on the street one day and found out that she was a less active. Her records were still in Oklahoma so the ward didn't even know who they were. We started visiting her and Madison got really interested. The stake offered to pay for both of them to go to girls camp and Madison said she wants to be baptized when they get back. They came to church on Sunday for the first time and it was Ivory's first time coming to church since her own baptism.
Well that's about it for news! Jocelyn still has a baptismal date for July 27 but she might move it up so that her boyfriend can come. She's been visiting with the missionaries for 4 years and FINALLY picked a date!  :)
Oh! I almost passed out on Sunday for the first time in my life! It was fast Sunday and REALLY hot and at about 4 we were waiting in the church building for a lesson. I started feeling really weird and then I told my companions that I couldn't see out of my right eye. It seriously was just black. Then the rest just felt like a dream and I don't even remember what happened. I guess sister champlin asked if there were any doctors but just about everyone had already gone home. A sister in the other ward asked what was going on so she told her that I couldn't see. She brought in a huge box of food that she keeps in her car for her kids and made me drink a bottle of water. 10 minutes later I was perfectly fine but I don't remember any of it! I do remember having the WORST headache for the rest of the day though.
Other than that things are going great! I get to spend two days (tomorrow and Thursday) in the Monterrey zone (Seaside) with the Sisters down there and I am SO excited!!! It really is going to be fun to get to know all of the sisters and see how the work is going in different parts of the mission. I think God has handed me a pretty good deal :)
Well I pray for each one of you and I hope everything is going good!! Have a good week and I love you all!
Love, Sister Billings

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