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Monday, January 28, 2013

January 28, 2013 - Livermore

Hola famlia! This week went by faster than any other week in the mission I think. I think time speeds up the longer I've been out. If I would have had an entire mission like my first 3 months I would have said missions are easy but the past week proved me wrong. As far as investigators go, no one really is progressing. Besides Blanca. She is still planning on being baptized this Saturday (Feb 2) so we've been busy planning for that. I hope everything works out and goes according to plan. Extra prayers for Blanca are definitely welcome!! Our last lesson with her (tithing) was with her husband and he readily accepted paying tithing. I think one day soon he'll like to investigate the church like his wife. And I hope he makes it to her baptism. Blanca bore testimony about Joseph Smith to her husband and it was awesome! Did I already tell you that she chose the stake president to do her baptism? I still think that's funny. But when I asked him, he was more than willing to help out.
We got a lot of new investigators this week- I think about 9. All of them were former investigators that we found in our area book. Hopefully there will be some baptismal dates coming up soon. Erika (who had a baptismal date) didn't come to church on Sunday so we had to drop her date. And we haven't heard from Pedro since Christmas. It was actually kind of funny with Erika on Sunday. I texted her to see if she was coming to church and she said "Ya I'm going to church at 12" but our church starts at 10:15 so I asked which church she was going to and she was like "Oh it matters which one I go to?" haha she thought she could just go to any church. She ended up not coming to ours because it was too long of a drive (10-15 min) and she wanted to go closer to her house.
I had my first zone conference last week and it was a really good experience. My mission president really is awesome. He talked a lot about finding the lost sheep and said "whether you bring them in (baptism) or brring them back (re-activiating), it's the same." Especially in our branch there are SO many less actives. Everyone that we have visited has such a strong testimony but they aren't converted enough to come to church every Sunday. The day of zone conference it rained all day! We were walking down the street that night and I stepped into the biggest puddle because it was pitch black and looked just like the road. I think it almost reached my skirt.  I also dropped our huge area book with 10 years of important information in a puddle the same day. And that was actually one of the best days of the week!
Actually today was the best day of the week....we played indoor soccer for our zone activity! The assistants also made me copies of p90x so I've been doing that every morning and I love it!
Even though the work was hard this week, I still love being out here as a missionary. I just hope I'm doing everything I'm supposed to be doing. As far as I know, I am. Mom do you have a picture of my baptism? If you do, could you send it to me? I don't know if I kept a journal back then, but if you find a journal entry of something I wrote that day (Sept 5, 1998) I'd like to have that too. I have a few memories of that day but I'd like to share more with my investigators.
Dad thanks for your email this week. It sounds like Texas was a lot of fun...and very busy with home improvements. I remember every time I would watch the "tim the tool man taylor" show I would always think of you. I'm glad you are able to do so many home improvements for our family though. It definitely comes in handy! And oddly enough...I've had the EXACT same thoughts about left and right. But I've never really been able to explain it. Sometimes I just feel exactly like what you said "a spirit having a mortal experience".
I have birthday presents for Ethan and Boston...and Alex. Even though it's not his birthday I don't want him to feel left out. I remember how traumatizing that is as a kid! But I"m not sure if I'll have time to send them off today. Well I hope everyone is doing great and I can't wait to hear from all of you soon!
Love, Hermana Billings

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