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Friday, November 16, 2012

November 16, 2012-MTC

Well Sunday is definitely turning out to be the day with all of the excitement. Last Sunday I met an apostle of the lord Jesus Christ...face to face...and shook his hand. It was so neat! We were leaving breakfast Sunday morning, walking down the same hall that we always do and I saw President Brown (MTC pres) walking down another hall with two other men (who I thought were just some missionaries). So I waved to him...he's really easy to recognize from far away because he has bright white hair. Anyway, he said "Sister Billings come down here for a minute" So we walked over there and I was just looking at Pres Brown I didn't notice the other people he was with. Then he said (to one of the men) "Shake the hands of Sister Billings and Sister Snow" and I thought he was just introducing us to some new missionaries. So I look up to shake someones hand and I'm staring right at Elder Bednar. My jaw literally dropped and I said "Oh! Hi!" He actually laughed at my startled expression. Later that day we ran into President Brown during lunch and he said that he told Elder Bednar "the missionaries don't get better than that" and Elder Bednar said, "I could feel it" Not like he would ever say "umm...i've met better" but I'll take what I can get from an apostle. And I can't believe I got to shake his hand. He works DIRECTLY under Jesus Christ...that's all I could think about the rest of the day.  Remember how President Brown asked me to get up and bear my testimony? Everyone was saying that's exactly why you don't make friends with President Brown....well now I'm definitely glad that I did. I was glad I did before he introduced me to Elder Bednar though. 

I used my jump rope last week and my calves were so sore for like 2 days! And I only did it for 10 minutes. My comp doesn't want to stay for gym for the whole 50 minutes anymore so it's killing me to not get as much gym time. But at least I still get some. And I'm learning to compromise with others.
My teacher said not to read Jesus The Christ anymore until I'm out in the field. I'm supposed to just focus on reading the scriptures, especially the book of mormon, and preach my gospel. I was really starting to enjoy Jesus The Christ though. I got a letter from Liana about her decision to serve a mission. That is so neat! Will someone tell her is a really good place to get missionary clothes? If I knew about it before I would have bought all my clothes there. They have a small selection from myfashioncorner in the MTC and I bought a new skirt and white collar blouse. And the prices are really reasonable. Speaking of D&C i think section 79 there is a mission call calling John Carter to the same mission AGAIN (I think to Vermont) and I had the thought that one day it would be so neat if everyone's mission calls were re-instated and if they were in any possible condition to serve again to go back to their mission. Wouldn't you want to go back to France again dad? Everyone would be a full time missionary until Jesus Christ came again. Sounds like a perfect world to me :) 

We taught our first 40 minute lesson on Tuesday (usually they're 20) and it was surprisingly easy. Well easier than I thought it would be. I'm so surprised at how much Spanish we've learned. It's a miracle. Has anyone heard of John C. Tanner? I hadn' if you haven't either I HIGHLY recommend searching for the video of him about the Law of Consecration. It might be on 

On Wednesday we got to host the new missionaries and it was SO fun! At first I didn't want to do it because we had to miss Gym...but it was worth it. The first sister I hosted is going to San Jose, leaving the same day as I am! So we'll get to travel together. She also went to school at BYUH and served in the RS presidency with Aysia. Aysia if you're reading this her name is Brittany (and then some samoan last name which I can't remember or pronounce) What are the odds? I'm excited to have finally met a sister that will be going to the same mission as I am. Especially leaving on the same day. My teacher's girlfriend's litter brother also entered the MTC and will be leaving for San Jose the same day. He's already fluent in Spanish and the other sister is going english speaking. The second sister I hosted went to Davis and was on the track team..she's one year older than me though and will be serving in Arcadia, Ca. 

So during class one day I had THE weirdest experience. Hmno Wright was sharing a story with us about when he was younger and he was speaking in Spanish but I honestly understood everything. Usually I have to translate word for word. As soon as he was done with his story though I had to go back to translating word for word. For a second I thought that he had told the story in English. I can't explain it....but it was weird. I also had my first experience with transfers and having to pack my bags super fast. We were asked to move up to the fourth floor in our building so that they could do construction on our floor. I am now on the top bunk and I almost die every single time that I try to go down the ladder in the dark. 

Andrea- Those pictures of Boston were SO cute!!! I wish I could print them out. As soon as I get to Cali I'm printing out all the pictures of Boston, Ethan and Alex. Dad you're right...I should have brought a little photo album. But I can buy one here. You should have seen everyone's reaction when I told the district they were making a sequel to Boy Meets world. Is it the same actors? Actually some of the elders were too young to even know what Boy Meets world is. But all the sisters and a few of the older elders were really excited. And thanks for sharing your thoughts about God being in control...that's a lesson that I definitely need to learn too. No matter how much I study I still can't learn what I need to without his help. Especially with the Spanish. I need His help. ANd I don't know that'd I'd be able to communicate with the construction workers either...well I could definitely teach them about Jesus Christ and modern day prophets but other than that I can't speak spanish. At least not yet. 

Mom- yay I'm glad you can eat grains now! Is that your first time reading the entire old testament? I wonder if I'll ever read it...haha I've only tried the one time but I haven't read from it since I got to the MTC. Guess what? The first day that I missed scripture reading (personal studying...not just reading) in TWO years was the first day of my mission. Ironic right? Oh well. ANd about the book..I have no idea. I bought it for Matt and he said he got it. So they shouldn't be refunding me if he has it. You'll be sending my bedding to cali in about a week right? Could you include some other things too? My green shirt with white stripes, maybe my green dress but I can't remember if we put a hem on it. If not don't send it. All my belts...haha the black one, white one, brown one...I think that's all. Just the bigger ones...not all of them. And the other bottles of lotion that I left. I think I left two..and they should be full. I've already gone through one bottle. If you have room maybe send me a hoodie. One of my thin track hoodies...either black or blue. I don't know if I'll need it in cali but I've been wanting one here. Also, could you check about shipping my bike to cali? If it'd be cheaper than buying one there. Someone said it's about 200 but that's cheaper than buying it there. So I dunno. 

Dad- I can definitely see how athletics has helped me up to this point. I didn't think it would be similar at ALL but it really is. I'm still looking forward to the day that I'll be able to think in Spanish. I'll let you know when that happens. I didn't count how many times we pray a day but I know it's right around 15 as well. They actually said they're trying to get away from the importance of saying kneeling prayers so my knees don't have callouses. I probably only say 6 kneeling prayers a day. The rest we are either sitting or standing. Did they have 4 square when you were here? That's one of my favorite games to play...they don't let the sisters play soccer. But they might take it away from the elders too because so many are getting hurt. And they don't have the MTC sign thing anymore. I guess they took it out during some construction a few years ago. Where else would you like the foot picture? 

Aysia- I love that you pretend like you're in Harry Potter for your astronomy class. That is awesome!Thank you so much for writing me I wish I had time to write more! And If you don't want to pay for postage you can use dearelder :) Your Halloween sounded awesome. I think this is the first year in 21 years that I didn't watch hocus pocus for halloween. My favorite part about the MTC is the Tuesday Night devotionals. We always have a general authority and it's always super inspirational. I also love the high standards and strict rules...and busy schedule. And the graham canyon ice cream. Favorite part about the mission is learning spanish and learning how to help others. 

Grandma- Thank you so much for writing me! I was really happy to receive a letter from you. I didn't know that Obama spoke Spanish? Or did he have an interpreter? I'm glad the Lord has been watching out for AUnt Ellen and Steve and their home didn't receive any damage and I'm glad your house is all ready for winter! 

Jessica- How do the boys like their batman cave? You should send me a picture!! 

Well my time is up! God Bless everyone!
Love, Sister KK

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